Mobile Applications – Situated Simulations

In close collaboration with the Department of Media & Communication, University of Oslo, CodeGrind has developed several iOS and Android applications within the INVENTIO-project.

A situated simulation (SitSim) is a ‘clean screen’ Augmented Reality, the virtual perspective via the device is not an overlay to the real perspective of the user but is intended to be seen more as a parallel. The applications are making full use of the device’s advanced hardware features such as the accelerometer, gyro, GPS and compass.

Modeling and Simulation – Advanced Distributed Flight Simulation System

The simulation facilities at FOI (the Swedish Air Force Combat Simulation Centre – FLSC), provides training for pilots, fighter controllers and other personnel as well as means for tactical and technical development. Hundreds of pilots from Sweden and abroad, pass through FLSC’s training concept every year.

FLSC is a distributed flight simulation system running a mix of operating systems, such as Irix, Linux and Windows. CodeGrind was part of the FOI team for several years, continuously developing the simulation software in order to meet the requirements from the demanding customers.

Independent development

In addition to the contracted projects above, we are developing our own applications. Nothing has been let out in the wild yet, but a variety of iOS applications is on the table – social, traveling and gaming applications will be served.